Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hilangkan icon shadow


tips kali ini adalah untuk menghilangkan shadow icon setelah kita menukar jpeg wallpaper. Contoh Shadow icon adalah seperti di bawah :-

salah satu cara untuk membuangkan icon shadow tersebut ialah menggunakan program Iconnoid.

Iconoid is a small program that helps reduce the clutter and confusion of the Windows(r) desktop. With Iconoid you can:

o Automatically hide and display desktop icons
o Remove the colored box behind icon text
o Automatically set the colored box behind the text to an optimal color for your desktop picture
o Quickly and easily minimize all of the windows on your screen
o Save and restore the positions of icons
o Insure that icons do not move when you change screen resolutions
o Save icon locations for each screen resolution individually

Download Iconoid di sini


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